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Nasal Warmer
Nasal Warmer

Energizing, Warming & Relieving Your Nose

Certificate : CE 0434
                       US FDA applying
                       Taiwan Medical Device No. 002058
Patent : Taiwan Patent No.M271586
               China Patent No.ZL200520113498.9
               Worldwide Patent Pending

A Breakthrough Treatment For Allergic Rhinitis

Nasal Warmer is a revolutionary unique device for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis,including Hay Fever. Nasal Warmer provides relief of Allergic Rhinitis and effectively prevents and alleviates allergic symptoms, such as running nose, congested nasal passages, sneezing, nasal itch, headache, and teary eyes, triggered by the inhalation of various allergens, including pollens, house dust, dust mites, mold spores, animal hair, airborne contaminants, and environmental temperature change.
Using low level, 2 LED lights with specific wavelengths of 652 nm and 940nm in each nasal tube, Nasal Warmer provides different deep-layer energy to the mucous membrane inside the nose performs much more effectively than that by the single wavelength product.



1.Patented narrow bands of near-infrared LEDs.
2.Each nasal tube contains one specific 652nm(visible red light) and one sp
3.Low energy phototherapy makes you safe for home use without specified medical
   persons to operate.
4.No pain, non-thermal, no side effect & no interactive effect.
5.Used as either the only treatment or as a supplement device to the existing 
6.Timer function makes push-button operated automatically turns off after 3minutes
   with beeper alarm.
7.9V battery as power supply makes it easy-carrying for instant use at home or
   traveling or at any place.
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